Stevie Mello

Music. Soul. Style.

Stevie Mello is an R&B recording artist, based in Sacramento, California.  Mello performs regularly throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.  


Stevie Mello was born In Rancho Cordova, CA. USA. His mother and father were influential musically and vocally. Stevie first performed with his vocally tlented mother at the age of 4. Stevie regularly spend time with his father, often listening to jazz albums, and it was he who first noticed that Stevie could hear and instrument or song and mimic the style with ease and skill. He then bought Stevie his first trumpet where spent days learning television commercials and sitcom opening credit theme songs.

While Stevie longed to play in the school band, financial and logistical obstacles often stood in the way. It was not until high school that Stevie would play in the Valley High School band but he still had to learn a second instrument, the French horn, to be considered since the band was already full. Playing the French horn soon gave way to rare opportunity to write his own music since there was not any sheet music for his instrument and thus his creativity to write was fostered. In addition to playing for the school band, Stevie also sang in the school choir where he was able to exercise his vocal talents in a venue other than the church. 

  Upon graduating from High School Stevie went on to Consumnes River College concentrating on Music Theory, He left the junior college to attend Atlanta Clark University. Though life required him to take an absence from his passion, he returned in (YEAR) to actively indulge himself in the music that he loves. He made himself available to assist in any studio, usually with the local rap artists, and lend his talents to their projects. It was these artists that dubbed him Stevie Mello due to his mellow demeanor and smooth musicality.

  Currently Stevie is bringing a top 40 piano man style through out northern California, supporting the community with music, choir directing and is still a gospel bass musician for local churches.